I cared once. Fucked me up.
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**Thanks for inspiring my wicked new tattoo! The artist was so stoked to be doing it, and everyone in the shop loved it. I point everyone to your Society6 page when they ask about it. I plan to get Janeway on my other arm in the future.**
i am legitimately in tears right now. this is so, so beautiful. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!
Cute mermaids

Favourite villian?


A cute boy in glasses and underwear riding a dragon...?

Draw a pug. It would warm my heart.

pug pup.

two boys kissing because i need to know the world doesnt end when two boys kiss

just for you.

What Seinfeld character do you relate to the most?

I need to move my hands. 

send me sketch suggestions. 

or ask me a question and I’ll sketch you an answer. 

Purity Ring - Grandloves (feat. Young Magic)
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